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Unpopular Opinion: I LOATHE Spring!

Spring is well and truly here and I'm not here for it! 🌸

Location-wise I am. Mentally... I've checked out. If you're like me, you spend most of the year preparing for the influx of pollen. As someone who SUFFERS from grass and tree pollen, in my opinion it is the most debilitating season that is completely out of my control. While others who are allergic to these invisible terrorists merely sneeze and chew through a tissue box, my eczema flares to the point where I do not recognise myself in the mirror. While others use the analogy to "stop and smell the roses"; in my experience it's best to leave the roses to rot. 

In saying this, through vast experience during my 27 years of life, I have essential tips on how to minimise a reaction and initiate ghost mode this spring.

Incorporating a soothing, hypoallergenic face-mask that intensely hydrates like the Revive Mask is a must. Keeping our skin barriers hydrated is the key to fighting off allergies and pollution in Spring.

These are my essential tips to minimise #SpringSkin, tbh Asthma and Hayfever too:

1. Check the pollen count via The Weather Channel and adjust your exposure to outside as needed.
2. Once home, immediately shower or bathe to remove allergens from your body.
3. Clean clothes more often. Especially after exposure to the outside world.
4. Amp up your skin routine with increasing the use of hydrating products. I use the Revive Mask regularly but I increase this to almost everyday in Winter and Spring.
5. Drink plenty of water. Like PLENTY.
6. Take oral antihistamines.
7. Try not to open the windows. Rely on a clean air system for air flow.
8. Stay calm, remember this is just a season... It will pass!

Spring doesn’t have to be a season of dread. Embrace the next few months with confidence knowing that Austere Skin has your back!

- M