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Meet M

I started Austere Skin out of frustration. All I wanted was to use products without them aggravating my eczema.
Growing up I suffered with Eczema, Acute-Dermatitis and on rare occasions, even Hives. Because of this, I learnt early on that to minimise the symptoms I needed to look after my skin. As a teen I became obsessed with cosmetics and skincare, but having sensitive skin meant that the popular products that my peers used would likely do more harm than good. I'll never forget attending sleepovers where my friends had beautifully packaged cleansers and moisturisers, and I had a travel bag full of hydrocortisone creams and ointments.
Living with skin conditions and reactions can seem impossible to navigate. It isn't only an uncomfortable feeling, but it impacts your confidence and self-esteem! When my skin gets really bad, I use hydrocortisone creams to help alleviate the symptoms but once the eczema clears, my skin is left dull, dry, and dreary. That's why I created the Revive Mask.
I believe that sensitive skin is the new normal. Throughout the process of creating, formulating, and speaking about our brand, I have met countless people who share the same issues with their skin and further highlight problems with the products available. It has actually been an eye-opening experience because I truly thought I was the only one going through this with my skin.
After my reaction clears I am left with austere skin, which translates as dull and plain in appearance. When this happens, I need a product that will gently polish away the dead skin cells and hydrate my skin, without creating another reaction. The Revive Mask does just that; it revives my skin and brings it back to life.
In terms of aesthetic, I wanted the Revive Mask to reference our beginnings. The aluminium tube is a symbol of the ointments I used to take along to those sleepovers; but this time, the contents of the tube can be used by everyone and looks fantastic on your vanity and IG feed.

- M