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Why we created our own product

Living with eczema, acute dermatitis and psoriasis can seem impossible. If you’re like us, you have products that you use religiously because you’re scared to create a reaction. Every major skincare brand has a sensitive line that is marketed to us as holy grail products, but in reality, we are left with a product that doesn’t work, broke, and a reaction that can last weeks. There is nothing worse than buying a new product that you are excited about, only to find out that it burns and irritates your skin. It is a waste of time, money and effort.

At Austere Skin we believe that you shouldn’t need to be afraid to try new products. Living with eczema, acute dermatitis and psoriasis doesn’t need to impact you #LivingYourBestLife because let’s be honest, no-one grams their hydrocortisone cream. Austere Skin products can’t cure your allergies or fix your epidermis; but what we can do is help you exfoliate, hydrate and showcase your best skin, without the reaction!